Workshops & Programmes

Please see below the different workshops and programmes we provide. We offer both a one day workshop for a small group of 15 students or a seven week ½ program.


  • 60min inspirational and motivational presentation
  • Fun and creative interactive activities
  • Present further opportunities for students to explore STEM careers
  • Highlight the importance of qualifications needed to progress in the field of STEM
  • Present a general overview of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • Teachers can select 5 modules best suited to their students


  • To motivate and encourage students by introducing them to possible STEM careers
  • To understand the difference between entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship
  • To inspire students by introducing them to the world of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship



  • Suitable for whole year groups or targeted students
  • Time management tools presented and explored
  • Innovative revision resources
  • Presents opportunities for self-exploration (taking inventory)
  • Allows students to create their journey and vision for their future
  • Teachers can select 10 modules best suited to their students


  • To gain a greater understanding of how to become a successful entrepreneur or intrapreneur
  • To broaden students’ horizons by introducing STEM opportunities and careers
  • To evaluate key methods to revise effectively



  • A 6/13 week programme
  • 2 hours a week that teaches and motivates students in what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Students will get the opportunity to create a real business and make real money that they will keep
  • Students will gain life skills such as effective communication, how to self-reflect, creating plans, strategies and systems etc.
  • The money management sessions is the key ingredient that makes this package unique



  • This is an insightful, inspirational and empowering workshop
  • This is a 4-week programme as the students will be taken through each aspects of STEM and the potential careers that they hold
  • The length of each session will be 2 hours
  • Providing a greater insight into the world of STEM and the careers
  • The students will have the opportunity to sign up to the Your Future Your Ambition (YFYA) conference and potential gain work experience or apprenticeships.



  • This is a 4 week programme that delves into reflection skills needed to make the right decisions and choices
  • Equipping the students with the knowledge on positive self-identity
  • Having the right attitude to life despite where you are
  • How to dealing with peer pressure
  • The effects of social media today
  • All students will have the opportunity to apply on the National Citizen Service (NCS)