About D2D

Why STEM is important?

Did You Know.…?

There is a worrying lack of students studying STEM subjects at school? Furthermore, only 20% go on to study STEM subjects post-GCSE. It is our belief that it is imperative businesses invest in the development of young people. They should be showcasing their gifts, talents and abilities through providing them with more opportunities by enrolling them onto their, talent programmes, work experience schemes and apprenticeships. It is organisations such as D2D Enterprise that are integral to changing the face of STEM subjects by creating a more attractive and innovative appeal.

Who is D2D?

D2D stands for Dare to Dream. Einstein famously once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For while knowledge defines all we currently know and understand, imagination points to all we might yet discover and create.” We are passionate about facilitating young people tapping into the full capacity of their imagination. Dare to Dream is an organisation that provides inspirational assemblies, one-day workshops and six-week programmes for KS3, KS4, KS5, sixth form, college and University students. We deliver entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship and poetry based activities focused on STEM.

We are an organisation that is committed to empowering young people’s minds to develop a better quality of life in a fun, creative and inspirational way. Our objectives are achieved by offering the right tools, strategies and resources needed to transform the lives of the people we serve by way of seminars. The core objective is to inspire, energise and empower young people by showcasing STEM as a more exciting and thrilling pathway for them to embark on.

What Do We Do?

D2D facilitators have successfully run various self-motivating, entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship workshops for various age groups for over a year and now are ready to bring it to your school. The programme is designed to complement the National Curriculum.

Please some of our key activities below:

  • How to create an income (percentages, times table, ratio, add & subtraction) (Maths)
  •  Am I an Entrepreneur or Intrapreneur? (English)
  • Letter to our authentic self or the seeds I will plant today (English)
  • Dragon’s Den presentation (Speaking & listening)
  • How to take responsibility (reflection & writing)
  • Think like a leader (Leadership)
  • How to be confident and motivated in everything I do (Practical & writing)
  • What is effective communication (Speaking & writing)

Our Vision & Aim

  • To be the national centre for success and personal development.
  • To train and develop entrepreneurship, leadership and excellence in people.
  • To train leaders able to carry out the vision of change.
  • To showcase STEM as a fun and exciting career choice.

Groups We Work With

  • GCSE students, Sixth Form
  • Undergraduates/Post graduates
  • Raising boys’/ girls’ achievement groups
  • Gifted and Talented
  • Parents
  • Learning Mentors/ NQT’s
  • SMT

We have had some great testimonials for this workshops and are passionate about extending this in schools and colleges to help raise not only the esteem in students but to assist them in understanding their true power and ability to achieve their goals.

If you would like more information feel free to book an appointment with us today.